We offer services from the early pre-project phase to the acceptance of investments.

We draw up documentation in all industries:

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • installations: sanitary, electrical, low currents
  • geology, environmental operits, conservation programs
  • urban analysis

We offer services from the early pre-project phase to the acceptance of investments:

  • help with location selection
  • analysis of the possibilities of the development of the plot and the costs of the investment
  • conceptual, construction, executive projects
  • visualizations, mock-ups
  • follow-up documentation
  • Interior
  • Inventories
  • restoration programs
  • technical expertise
  • operats
  • obtaining derogations from the rules
  • obtaining comprehensive arrangements

The office of ch2 architects offers projects based on modern technologies, such as:

  • heat pumps
  • VRV systems
  • solar systems
  • Recuperators
  • smart solutions for buildings reducing media consumption and energy demand
  • We analyze the possibility of using ground heat and solar energy together with the energy characteristics of the facilities.

We have documentation in our account:

  • heat exchanger project for the air conditioning of the production hall in Stargard Szczeciński
  • bims hal project with heating based on heat pumps
  • design of TBSP Szczecin headquarters based on heat pump
  • project of an ecological settlement in Kurów near Szczecin

The design office of ch2 architects offers consulting in the field of:

  • analysis of the possibility of building sites for investment,
  • recognition of ground, water, environmental conditions, local planning records,
  • supply of investments in the media and the wider preparation of investments- the so-called phase '0'.